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and i ownav business in the richmond district. i've neighborhood for many, manyrá years, most recently cochair of the richmond police community%$ advisory board regarding pedestrian safety, traffic, and keeping the richmond safes night. we are low on staff, at the()y richmond police5vsc<ç station. if elected i will work hard fight hard for more police resources to keef@ safe. i am also running because we have 85tt richmond. these bring down the entire neighborhood, because we need we need thriving commercial corridors, to serve the neighbors, to serve people who empty storefronts attract graffiti, it attracts
've also owned a small business. my wife and i ownav business in the richmond district. i've neighborhood for many, manyrá years, most recently cochair of the richmond police community%$ advisory board regarding pedestrian safety, traffic, and keeping the richmond safes night. we are low on staff at the()y richmond police5vsc<ç station. if elected i will work hard fight hard for more police resources to keef@ safe. i am also running because we have 85tt richmond. on geeshy, balboa and these bring down the entire neighborhood because we need jobs we need small businesses, ná we need thriving commercial corridors, to serve the neighbors, to serve people who come touh visit thez richmond. empty storefronts attract homeluh graffiti, it attracts
. before i get to the two richmond district poets, david [speaker not understood] and poetry teacher and poet susan [speaker not understood], i wanted to first introduce our first honored guest, alejandro [speaker not understood], he's the sixth poet laureate for the city and county of san francisco. and can alejandro come forward? there he is. (applause) >> i wanted to first say he's a unique artist and community person. he follows in the footsteps of our first poet laureate, learn serangeti in '98, [speaker not understood] in 2000, deborah major in 2002, jack cushman in 2006, and dianne de prima in 2009. and he moved to san francisco in the early '70s from los angeles, but really has become embedded in the mission district. and i know that supervisor campos is going to make a couple of remarks in a moment. alejandro, i know, is a great teacher at san francisco state where i taught many years. his students see him as a mission visionary. he's also someone that works collectively with other poets. i pulled this off my shelf, alejandro from 1975 from third world communications with t
vote for david lee. i will put the richmond is vitally important to me and my family to keep the richmond a great place to live. so vote for david thank ú >>xÑ hi. i'm sherman desill have a, running for the board of district. i was born in the richmond in the richmond, and work as a store manager on geary boulevard.fg i decided to run for the board of supervisors because i sawdca neighborhood resident hit by a car on gearyc crossing the?Ñó.ç street. at an intersection that did not have a traffic0[ light, anintere had a traffic light over 20 years ago. i felt it was irrectit)p&f of oé to not take care of a safety issue like installind!wraffic as supervisor, i will make it my c @&c"p issues like this are the number one as supervisor, there's acicqsnç. first, as i mentioned earlier, geary boulevard from ocean beach to thel⌞bd geary tunnel. in addition to geary, i also want trafficuzpuç lights instan the major business corridors, ⌝i clement street, balboa, and california. now, for cleanliness inr7 neighborhoods, there's a couple of things we need to do. first, i wa
caugiran at the richmond/san rafael bridge. but lawrence karnow, i have seen the hi-def doppler and it looks green. >> that hi-def doppler doesn't lie, frank. it is showing some very heavy rainfall now just off the coastline. look at the yellows and the oranges there. this is just about to move onshore in time for the commute this morning. it is going to be a wild commute outside. some of the rain in the heavier bands coming into the north bay now. expecting that rain to intensify throughout the morning hours and along with this cold front that's moving through, some very strong gusty winds. purple along the coastline here is where we have a wind warning up along the coast as we are going to see some very strong gusty winds continuing all the way up into parts of the north bay, as well. could see 55, maybe 65-mile-an- hour gusts along with this system and showers continuing into parts of the north bay now. that means the main focus now but rain going to be heavy at times this morning and as we head throughout the morning hours. then it looks like we'll catch a break. but here's
, thanks. >>> from genetic food to soda pop. >> the controversial soda >>> richmond voters are voting down a penny tax on sugar sweet beverages to fight obesity. it is still early with 19% of the precincts reporting, but you can see this measure n in contra costa county in the city of richmond going down to defeat 67% to 33% at this moment. >> abc7 news reporter john alston has been covering this measure since it was introduced, and he is live in richmond. john? >> right. it is somewhat subdued and there is disappointment that measure n is trailing. it would have put richmond in the history books as the first u.s. city in history to have a tax on soda and sugar drinks. they poured a ton of money trying to kill the measure and $2.5 million compared to just $69,000 for supporters of measure n. it would have added a penny tax per ounce on sugar redrinks that businesses would have to pay. supporters say it would generate several thousand dollars for anti-obesity programs in richmond. >> we are disappointed one because we know it means more children will not live as long as if it passed. that's
may -- before heading to an election night party in richmond. tim kaine voting in richmond. he will then head to several places before heading to a richmond hotel where he watched the returns. voters in virginia will be the first in our area to get to vote today. >> bolten the virginia gazette -- open at 6:00 a.m. and close at 7:00 p.m. -- polls in virginia open at 6:00 a.m. and close at 7:00 p.m. if you have any problems at the poll, we want to hear about it. >> it did not take long to count the ballots in a small town in new hampshire. >> the town is not for casting the first votes in the presidential election because residents vote at midnight. after 43 seconds of voting, the president and mitt romney each have five votes. it is a tie. >> 4:37 is the time right now. 34 degrees. are still to come, new worries for those struggling from superstorm sandy. a local victim and his conce charlie rose: will you endorse president obama? colin powell: yes. when he took over we were in one of the... worst recessions we had seen in recent times... close to a depression. and i saw,
's "real" program at richmond high school. >> "college is real" mentors the richmond high school students. it's hard for them to even go through high school day to day with the struggles they have. and that just really touched me. >> we provide resources, motivation, guidance counseling, tutoring to high school kids at richmond high, mostly latino, and all low income, to try to get them to be the first in their families to attend college. >> reporter: "college is real" founder brad blake says jack's support of the program goes a long way. >> probably five or six kids are going to be able to go to college that otherwise might not have gone to college. >> reporter: when jack isn't on the football field or in class, he is often sending out e-mails by the hundreds to businesses and organizations asking them for their unused tickets to events. he then turns around and resells them on stubhub or craigslist. so you get things to all different kinds of events. >> i have gotten alameda county fair tickets. >> reporter: giants tickets, musicals, he collects and delivers tickets while still managing
of nevada, you get into weather here, and that richmond bridge has had a wind advisory as well. we head over to the san mateo bridge for the drive and then a quick check of the bay bridge as well, where the back of toll plaza, you see oakland and the soupy conditions. now christina is there at the toll plaza. christi, our commuters never at a loss when it comes to commenting on your drives or flights. what did you find out? >> reporter: good morning, i it tell you i haven't taken this jacket off or hood for almost four hours. we are at the toll plaza. i want to step aside so you can see what's going on here. you can see the backup, but you see the panoramic where it extends all the way from the flyover to emery. drivers tell us what it would normally take, you just double that time. if you're flying, you're going to say major delays, too. nothing like a storm to slow down the commute. bobby edwards felt lucky to make it to emeryville. where did you come from? >> it was terrible. traffic was terrible. >> reporter: how long did it take you? >> almost an hour to get here this morning. >> report
. optimistic about what is ahead for america. >> paul rice andyan went down to richmond today aboard -- ryan went down to richmond today. this campaign knows they need to get to 270 electoral votes by winning as much close states as possible, including virginia. they have also refocused their fire on pennsylvania, making. spurred the final stop of this campaign day. an exhausting -- making pittsburgh the final stop of this campaign it day. kid rock warming up the crowd. mitt romney losing his voice but not his sense of urgency. encouraging this crowd of thousands to help get out the vote. supporters said they did not listen to prognosticators. >> it is going to be a blow out. >> last time, they called the election for john kerry at about 8:30. 2.5 hours later, things had changed. go out and vote the way you want. >> campaign aides to mitt romney say the candidate was visibly moved when he arrived in pittsburgh this afternoon and saw the crowds of supporters. they think they have the possibility in pennsylvania today. they will be keeping a close eye on three counties in virginia. prince will
where people are still waiting to vote. we're going to first throw it to tim kaine's camp in richmond. >> reporter: what we're looking at here, obviously, this is the richmond headquarters of the tim kaine senatorial campaign. tim kaine has really been at the waist with barack obama's campaign. >> george allen made a big deal that tim kaine was the chairman of the democratic national committee. you know, he was the first governor out of rod blagojevich to support barack obama. it didn't seem to hurt. i think tim kaine was attractive, and popular mayor of richmond, then lieutenant governor, then governor. another thing is he speaks spanish. to the changing demographics of the commonwealth of virginia, that's a distinct advantage. >> more frustrations over the last couple of hours. we've not been able to talk enough about tim kaine and george allen. i put this to you, mark. when this race first set up, we were expecting a nasty, in your face brutal campaign. we saw that six years ago, between jim web and george allen. we did not see that this time. why not? >> you did on the tv screens,
holding a grand reopening at its store in richmond. but the retail giant is facing resis tense from some of its worker -- resistance from some of its workers. brian flores is at the store this morning. brian. >> reporter: hi, pam. good morning. we are here at the richmond a walmart. it's about 6:00 and the doors just opened. there is a couple things going on. the first thing you mentioned is the grand reopening of the particular store. the store has been here for years but they just completed a remodel of it. there is supposed to be a ceremony sometime this morning. there are already protestors out here. some of the workers say they are taking a stand against walmart calling for an end to harassment and retaliation. some walmart employees are planning a sit in inside the store. they are holding up signs also calling for walmart to change. we will be speaking with one of the employees coming up in the next 30 minutes. we are live here in richmond i'm brian flores. >>> workers at rayly's super market will keep working until tomorrow. if that happens it would be the first strike in the comp
approval thus far for proposition 35. >>> the city of richmond may become the first city in the nation to tax sugar sweeten drink to fight childhood obesity. >> so far the early results on this measure. 32 percent say yes. no 68 percent with 4 years of the precinct reporting this is an issue watched closely by the soda industry around the country. >> john live in richmond tonight with the latest on thi this. >> this would put richmond in the history book with the first city in the yous to actually put a tax on soda and sugar bench. it is called measure n. it would tax penny per ounce that businesses would have to pay kind of david and goliath event. supporters raised about 69,000 dollars but bench industry pumped in about 2 and half million. raise 2 to 8 million to fix actually to help people with anti-obesity program. opponent say the measure unfairly targets some of the struggling people trouble paying their bills here in richmond. with me is the mayor of richmond l who is one of the supporters of measure n. what impact do you think all of this bench industry money will have.
about the need of our richmond district to create a healthier richmond. and i know that there is an acknowledgment of the death in the officemax parking lot a few years ago when i first started as supervisor. so, the issues are very real for me. in 1984 i was a receptionist for an exceptional multi-cultural, culturally competent agency we used to call it richmond nazi center, [speaker not understood]. my two honorees i asked to come up are alison chin and yuka [speaker not understood]. so, alison and yuka. i also wanted to just state -- yes, please come forward. (applause) >> i would also like to say that president chiu and others acknowledged that it takes a village to really support a healthier community, and i think they come out of, in many ways, the wellness center from washington high school in addition to rams and the community-based mental health services that rams represent. alison chin is a licensed marriage and family therapist with over 15 years of experience in community and human services. she began as a research assistant intern for one of the first u
in the richmond suburbs. >> this is an election where i think we're not going to just shape the country for four years but for a generation. >> reporter: romney returned to another criticism of the president at a window and door factory in roanoke. >> they are making products for america and they and their family and all the people who work at marvin, they did build this! >> reporter: recent polls have the president up by just two points in virginia. nationally the race is a tie. the president will have a full day of campaigning in ohio tomorrow. romney will campaign in wisconsin and ohio. elections officials say more than 19 million have already voted in this presidential election. live at the white house, danielle nottingham cbs 5. >>> a respected shop owner known for his generosity was shot to death in an apparent robbery attempt at his cell phone store on international boulevard near 92nd avenue. da lin shows us how friends and family are remembering a man recorded as a pillar in the community. >> reporter: the makeshift memorial outside of his store continues to grow. police say it was insi
at the richmond/san rafael bridge toll plaza three years ago in a fit of jealous rage. a death penalty hearing set to begin tomorrow in front of the same jury. >>> an 11-month-old baby girl is in the hospital tonight after falling out of a third- story window in fremont. this happened around 2 p.m. this afternoon on walnut avenue just south of mission boulevard. the toddler fell into some bushes before then hitting the concrete. she was flown to the hospital and no word yet on her condition. >>> a new bay area shopping destination has everyone talking even the police. the reason officers will be on high alert for the grand opening. >> our big weather change is a three step process. that is step number one, the cloud cover. step number two is rain. step number three some snow, yeah, talking about the white stuff. find out where coming up. >> and they followed the strict parking rules. but their car was towed anyway. what it took for the brother and sister to get justice. ,,,,,, to mobile five and ken basta in richmond. ken, chevron is getting reao make repairs after august's refinery fire. "the cit
:00, mid 60s noon near 70 4:00 enjoy the warm weather not going to last long. >>> richmond into the berkeley area there's a look at east shore freeway beginning to get a little busy moving nicely towards the maze and bay bridge toll, some delays for cash paying folks no metering lights yet anticipating that any time no delays there westbound 4 at a street reports of big rig and car off to the shoulder, slow traffic out of the antioch area, stalled motorcycle eastbound 24, old oakland road in the right lane. >>> 6:01. in santa clara county all lanes open again after big rig spilled its load on highway 101 southbound, in san martin at the east san martin avenue exit. chp says the big rig overturned and dumped a lot of dirt across several lanes around midnight, lanes were closed crews had to work several hours to get it cleaned up for the commute. >>> in daly city crews will be back along lausanne avenue after a wall of mud came down the hillside. amy hollyfield is back at the scene this morning, with what is next for affected residents. >> reporter: it looks so much better ou
] >> reporter: in richmond, peggy fox, 9news now. >> at the virginia gop gathering in richmond what began as a night of optimism and hope quickly deflated into one of defair. >> not just allen's loss to tim kaine for the u.s. senate seat and also the second term given to the president barack obama. andrea mccarren was there. >> it has been a long and difficult campaign. it's also been a joyful one. >> reporter: george allen's concession speech was met with stunned silence until someone in the room yelled "no." >> we're not happy with the results but we're still alive and as long as they don't kill you you can keep fighting. >> i'm trying to remember back in 2000 -- where were we? were people saying god it's all over i'm so sorry and then wow we've got a shot. >> reporter: this was not tonight the virginia republicans had envisioned. >> it's not over yet. there is hope. >> you wouldn't be in denial would you? >> no. we haven't heard from florida. we haven't heard from over states. >> reporter: many in the crowd say this is reminiscence of the 2000 presidential election and they are holding
, janine de la vega, a ktvu channel 2 news. >> two dozen workers protested outside the store in richmond this morning. >>> the protesters showed up around 5:30 outside the store there. they accused wal-mart of harassment, and that. >> they don't have any respect for the individual, and we get retaliated against, our hours get cut and we get -- we get threatened with losing our jobs. >> wal-mart says it takes accusations of harassment, discrimination or retaliation seriously, the company called the protest unfortunate, especially since the store held its grand re-opening this morning. >>> chevron says its richmond refinery should be back in operation next year. a fire in the processing unit knocked it off-line. it is considered to be the heart of the processing operation. company executives made the estimate about when the plant would be back at full operation during a conference call with financial analysts. >>> in overnight news a san francisco apartment fire could have been a lot worse neighbors say if one man had not jumped into action. the fire started at 10:30 last night on balboa
of that conversation on-line, just like all of the folks at the richmond senior sen center, so they can participate. i think that what is lacking in government at times is really making sur that citizens have the information, and they are digestable information and so few people when they pay property taxes one of the biggest checks they write every year, most people could never describe where the money goes. we have to make sure that we offer more transparency and more disclosure in giving the citizens more information to make the right decisions. >> thank you. >> mr. bryer what have you done and what would you do to encourage engagement? >> i started a big over ten years ago and really what it is about, it is about applying innovation or the first public wifi network in the world and we broadcast courtroom proceedings it is about transparently in government and education we. have over 70 law schools and students who have unlimited access to this level. and so in large part, what we are trying to do, or what i have done, is tried to restore faith here in our government institutions by seeing how our
a schoolteacher is in court in richmond. darnell keith washington is facing robbery, burglary and carjacking. he and his wife murdered 55-year-old susie ko at her home last month and stole her car. the wife still faces extra from washington state where the couple were arrested following a crime spree. >>> marin county d.a.'s office has decline to file charges immediately against three daycare workers arrested for the death of a baby in their care. right now the center is closed. autopsy shows the four-month-old accidentally suffocated after bedding cut off the child's airway. the d.a.'s office says it needs more time to review the case. >>> protesters demonstrating at the grand opening of a chick-fil-a restaurant in walnut creek the group says it is against the company's donations to anti-gay organizations and for the public anti-gay stance the founder took this summer. the demonstration didn't stop dozens who camped out overnight the first 100 got coupons good for 52 free meals. >>> a group of women say they are preparing to relaunch a recall campaign against mirkarimi. anti-domestic violence a
of problems during your morning commute. we have live team coverage and mark is out at the richmond san rafael bridge where winds up to 45 miles per hour are expected but let's check in with claudine wong about flooding. >> yes, it is deceiving and we see a few drops, nothing major but we know how quickly things can change and this is one of the areas we watch for. we know this area is very prone to flooding. >> reporter: again, taking a look at traffic right now you can see things are moving very well along here and they were out here doing some cal trains work they were getting sandbags ready for business because they know that is also an area prone for flooding and all you can do when you know storms are coming you just prepare, prepare, prepare and you get the bags ready and when it comes you make sure you are on standby. i have to tell you with the last couple of seconds, it actually started to rain and i'm taking a look at the light fixture and you can see a decent amount started in the last couple of minutes. we will keep an eye on a the rain has begun to fall and we will check if peopl
. burris allegedly shot them both in a jealous rage at the toll plaza of the richmond/san rafael bridge where ross worked as a tolltaker but because burris is acting as his own attorney at trial the families of the victims are having insult added to their injuries. >> he is allowed to say so many outrageous and really hurtful things to the family. >> the things that he said about [ bleep ] my family and he don't give a [ bleep ] you know -- >> reporter: he said that in open court? >> yeah, he said that on tuesday. >> he said he really didn't care, they were dead, he was glad he shot them, and that's it. he wanted to move on. he has other things to do. we are wasting our time having him in court. >> reporter: in cross-examining witnesses burris asked questions that seems to acknowledge he was present at the crime of the he has a speech impediment so things are moving slowly. the family homes when it's over a guilty verdict will come quickly. >> they put him in prison for the rest of his life without a possibility of parole. because i feel the death penalty is too good for him. if they e
freeway if you are headed from richmond towards berkeley, el cerrito into the macarthur maze. it is heavy, crawling, no major stalls or accidents. i had ward still with injury accident north 880 past a street on the right. here's a look at more crowded drives, 101 out of santa rosa, 90 to the san mateo bridge and there's your east shore commute from the carquinez bridge into the maze. >>> still ahead, live to obama campaign headquarters chicago. >> we'll show you the emotional moment from president obama, during one of his last rallies before heading to his adopted home city. >>> we want to see what is happening at your polling place if you get photos or video of long lines or any voting irregularities you can e-mail us also up load photos or video. >>> here's your three-day forecast once again looks like that cooling arrives tomorrow, temperatures drop 10 to 12°. more dropping for thursday into friday today may need the umbrella to shade yourself, temperatures near record highs thursday and friday you want that umbrella for the showers, thunderstorms that are possible, small hail thursd
. bart delay some sort of insulation on the track. fremont line richmond fremont and millbrae directions 10 to 15 minute delays no other mass transit problems. oakland new accident southbound 880 at high solo spin-out. accident san jose blossom hill in the clearing sections. >>> 5:03. bay area residents were awakened by rare round of thunderstorms overnight and lightning strike has caused power outages in san francisco. amy hollyfield is live in san francisco. >> reporter: i'm at nowee valley at 24th and hoffman, pg&e confirms it was because of lightning strikes, lightning hit four trance morningers. i'm joined by one of the residents, julia dawson, what did it sound like? >> it sounded like a big bomb going off much larger than anything i've heard and i knew it had to be close itch >> reporter: did you know what it was? -- >> no. although did worry about it. there was only one explosion and not other one i decided to go back to bed. >> reporter: you don't have power? >> no. >> reporter: is it cold in the house? >> note yet, but it will be if they don't get it fixed. >> reporter: tell me
beginning to spread east from highway 1 to highway 101, windsor, calistoga, into the east bay richmond still light rain, rain and wind along the richmond-san rafael bridge through larkspur, southern marin, golden gate bridge wet, peninsula san francisco looking at wet weather, 280, 101 into alameda castro valley lighter returns not yet seeing much except the wind in the south bay, san jose wind gusts up to third -- 35 miles an hour. today coast, bay, inland heavy rain, gusty winds throughout the morning. late morning hours into noontime, the winds diminish, rain tapers, just scattered showers mild in the 60s, by the evening hours, better evening commute, just a few showers, getting into heavier rain around 2:00 tomorrow night into your friday morning commute. >>> roads are moderate, wind is what we need to be careful of now the slick roads with the rain beginning to develop. san jose, 87 northbound past the hp pavillion, julian exit, traffic light, flowing nicely, no problems. westbound 4 harbor earlier big rig fire cleared. tow trucks trying get that out of there. slow traffic out of antioc
's the north bay, sprinkles from san rafael, cortamadera, richmond san rafael bridge, golden gate bridge and around san francisco a few light returns. going to be another hour or so before we get into the steadier rain bay area wide and the winds are a factor gusting to near 30 miles an hour at our coast. is it impacting the commute yet sue? >> not yet, no reports of major accidents. golden gate bridge live shot you can see no cars coming through at this time, difficult to tell if the road is wet now or not, certainly it will be in the future no problems getting into san francisco southbound on the golden gate bridge. eastbound 580 north flynn, car fire on the shoulder, westbound drive out of the central valley good, westbound 4 big rig caught fire on the shoulder traffic out of antioch looking good at this hour. >>> the rain and winds are starting to pick up north bay residents are in the middle or the start of what will be a ponding from the storm. -- will be a pounding from the storm. amy hollyfield is in san rafael. >> reporter: not too bad, a little mist, a little drizzle, we had he
richmond. that is a very urban voting block, strongly democratic base and see if can you piece together northern virginia, say richmond and newport news. the difference this year, though, is that mitt romney's campaign turned the logic on its head. they said no, we're going into fairfax county, loudoun county and there was a span of about three weeks here where the romney forces almost met the president appearance by appearance. the president would have an appearance in fairfax, mitt romney would come in a couple of days later. so, there is no territory right now in virginia that in some form or another, has not been touched by either one of these presidential campaigns. you look at the poor folks in maryland and they couldn't buy one of these presidential candidates to come into their state and that is because they haven't come in. that is an area that is decided. virginia voters have almost been, have an embarrassment of riches this year. they have seen the candidates and spent time with them. they have had numerous amounts of time to look at the men up close. >> uh-huh. >> and make t
students are over weight or obese. >> it targets voters -- >> reporter: this tax has put richmond on the map nationally and officials know if it passes other cities could follow suit. they say companies poured millions into advertising to sway residents to vote against measure n. if measure n passes it would be the first soda tax in the nation. live, reggie kumar, kron 4 news. >>> four states will be taking up same-sex marriage. kron 4's jr stone has more. >> reporter: when it comes to gay marriage tuesday could be historic. same-sex marriage measures will be on ballots in maine, minnesota, maryland and washington. if any of the measures are successful for gays and lesbians couples it will be the first time it is legalized by a popular vote. maine could be the first. those in minnesota will vote on whether or not to ban guam gay marriage but allow civil unions. tuesday's election will be the first time voters dialed in. >> that was jr stone. six states and washington, d.c. legalized same-sex marriage. and a reminder, kron 4 news will have live coverage on election night, starts at
have some bart delays, 10 to 15 minutes on the richmond line in all directions. all other bart lines are on time. every other form. mass transit good to go. and, of course, grab your chains. we have chain requirements this morning on every major road up to the sierra including interstate 80, trucks are being screened at applegate, grab your chains if you are on highway 50 or highway 88. that is "timesaver traffic." back to you guys. >> thank you. >>> well, people in new york camping out in the cold. they are at a san jose food pantry that's giving away thousands of food boxes for the holidays. cbs 5 reporter anne makovec is at sacred heart community service where that line just continues to grow behind you, anne. >> reporter: yeah. you could call them brave santa's elves because they are here it make sure their families have a wonderful holiday season. you can see some of the campers here. it is cold and rainy and a lot of these people have been here since yesterday evening. they are here in san jose to sign up for holiday help. i'm here with jay the director of sacred heart. this is
on its side. the batch of heavy rain fall with sausalito, richmond and alameda. as i mentioned, a it has been pretty dry in the south bay. the santa cruz mountains but not as much for the santa clara valley. this system for tonight and another weather system for tomorrow. we could receive at least 1 in. with higher near the rain/sonoma county and the santa cruz mountains. timing it out, coming up. >> the rainfall in the bay area means snowfall in the mountains this is video from squaw valley ski resort opened six days earlier than usual. hundreds of people took the advantage. north star into kirkwood ski resorts are also open. >> caviar king his facing several charges phillipe djegal will explain what happened. a 14 year old. he is facing 10 felony charges of assault, attempted murder, carjacking, armed robbery, kidnapping. >> i do not know why a child would do that. >> this bizarre started and ended in this parking lot. he held the woman up at gunpoint and forced her to drive miles down the road were shoe was sexually assaulted, beaten, the tape and left in rich. meanwhile, he called on
in people and environments, so one study she did was with also in richmond california to looking at the different levels of chemicals, diesel exhaust in richmond which you would expect to be very different, and she's going to help us see if we can build a study, so this was a great thing that you brought to our attention. >> i start to think about it over the years but especially working in an airport and now in an actively working diesel pump station. >> and it's not something you have any control over, and that's the same kind of fragmentation we're seeing at all levels, it's hard to make changes when jurisdictions move. >> but if i could get her contact information or something after the presentation, that would be great. >> okay, cool. >> i had two questions, one is you were just saying to use glass when you're cooking or microwave, what about -- i was told before that you could use plastic for the refrigerator or storage, are you saying avoid plastics all together for food storage, and then the second question is water bottles, say for instance i have a case of like costco
. metro says service went on schedule. richmond city council is make a big decision on whether to go forward for a new training and facility for washington redskins. now in in session right the votes are coming as some stop the deal. if a facility is built, it is to bring $8.50 million into richmond each year. >> still to come on abc 7 news at 6, how deep changing laws leave for a spike in the business of getting married. a brand new sculpture to marine corps we will have that for you and a in a report coming up. cloudy and smiled at the front, but a strong cold in cooler air and rain. the forecast is moments >> continuing now with overdue honor is very marine corps i and the world war i caribbean conflict. and 8-foot statue is now corps museum in, richard reeve was there for the ceremony. ♪ >> it's an honor to be here for the dedication. >> this will no ordinary sculptured the vacation. a marina'sefinitely marina. eight-foot statue. he was a combat marine. the most decorated marine in history. >> i was 19 years old at the time. he was a private during the war when
the party in richmond. >> tim kaine's campaign headquarters in richmond -- he wound up in the winner's circle. >> our victory tonight proves that it is the number of people who stand with you not the number of zeroes behind a check. [applause] that determines the election in the united states of america. >> the newly elected senator tim kaine thanks george allen for more than 20 years of public service and then told an enthusiastic crowd that as hard as the campaign was, now the real work begins. >> as expected, maryland senator ben cardin easily won a second term. he beat back challengers from republican and independent candidates. roscoe bartlett, not so lucky. john delaney beat him in a bid for a 11th term. the democrat-controlled legislature made him one of the more vulnerable incumbents by adding part of montgomery county to his district. >> fireworks over the national harbour on news they had approved a controversial measures including expanding gambling. >> that includes a new casino said to be built at the harbor. more from baltimore. >> the election gathering here at the sta
richmond-san rafael bridge as drivers making their way across in the dark about 4:30 this morning. the rain of course has been very steady throughout the bay area. this is our own parking lot drenched in water last night around 1:00 this morning. this morning we have the entire bay area covered as we're getting slammed by a series of storms. we'll check in with christina loren and mike inouye in just moments but let's check in with christie smith. she is at the richmond-san rafael bridge. pretty dramatic the footage we've see. >> reporter: we've been in marin since about 4:00 this morning and the words of the day is cats and dogs. it has not stopped at all, the rain still pounding this morning. we were at the richmond-san rafael bridge where the lights were out at least an hour. some of them back now but when we were at the highest parts of the bridge, the wind pushed and pulled our news van as we tried to cross. it was treacherous driving out there this morning. i think you mentioned this, but i just got off the phone with the chp and they're telling me the bay bridge lights bein
... actually i want to start with one here that is from the richmond senior center sent in on-line. >> the census data, and we are going to start with mr. brire >> data shows that many are adults with disabilities or seniors it is expected to grow to 25 percent by 2020, do you feel that you understand the needs and challenges of seniors and adults with disabilities in district 19? what do you think we worry about and how will you help us to stop worrying? >> so, absolutely, while i am a young person, i do believe that we really have an obligation to protect our seniors. and when you see services to seniors being cut, you have to realize that they have contribute to the system their entire life and this is a time that they need services even more than other moments. and when you look at what is going on, you also have to say that there is the statistic that you gave is actually the start of the baby booming population, as she growing older. so we actually need more and more services, we need to actually have people trained to provide those services as well. and so, i think, of
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